How do I disable my product in FxFactory?

How do I prevent this product from loading on my system?

The checkbox to the left of the product’s icon lets you disable the product, and prevent it from being loaded by any video applications on your system. Disabling a product is the easiest method to hide products you may not be interested in. Some products allow for temporary changes to their status. Others cannot be disabled temporarily, and FxFactory will allow you to uninstall the product from your system when you attempt to disable the product.

You can also disable all trial products on your system by selecting the “Disable Trial Products” command under the “Actions” menu.

When you disable a product temporarily, while keeping it on your system, the icon becomes grayed out. There are more reasons a product’s icon may become grayed out: the product may be incompatible with your system configuration, or it may be corrupt and in need to be installed again.

by oksanaromaniv
October, Oct 17th, 2017

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