How do I get to my purchased product in FxFactory?

How to activate CrumplePop products in the FxFactory app.
Download the app and sign into your account

The Products window appears every time you launch the FxFactory application, or by selecting the Products command under the Window menu:

Click the icon to discover more about that product. You can learn about the video and audio applications it supports, the number of plug-ins included, and you can view any demo or tutorial videos available for that product.

A button next to the product’s icon indicates the sale price. This button is only available for commercial products running in trial mode. Click the button to begin the purchase process, and unlock all plugins and features in that product. When a commercial product has been purchased, video and audio effects will no longer render a watermark in the output. If some features were previously limited or hidden in the trial version, they will become available when the full version is unlocked.

When you purchase and unlock a product, its effects will render without a watermark.

Below the product’s icon, you will find more information on the product, including its contents (plug-ins and/or effects for Final Cut Pro X) and a list of video applications supported by the product. If your system configuration does not meet the minimum requirements to run the product, they too will be listed in this section.

by oksanaromaniv
October, Oct 17th, 2017

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