Canon and RED Announce New Cameras

Canon and RED Announce New Cameras

Late last week, both Canon and RED announced their latest large sensor cameras.

Canon announced their first large sensor camcorder, the Canon EOS C300. The new camera features a 4k 8.3 megapixel Super35 sensor that is able to shoot up to 1080p. The camera is priced at $20k and will be available in January of 2012. They offer two versions, one with an EF mount and the other with PL.

Priced in the same bracket as the Sony F3, its a bit shocking that they didn’t include a couple more “top of the line” features (1080p 60.) I’ve seen people complain about how this isn’t necessarily that much of an improvement over prior large sensor camcorders, but Canon is known for its quality (hence the high prices,) but some people will still want to stick with their AF100s and the like.

RED unveiled their long anticipated Scarlet-X. The Scarlet is essentially an Epic lite, which isn’t a bad thing. It features many of the same things found in the Epic but with lower resolution and less frame rate options. The Scarlet is able to shot up to 30 fps at 4K which is pretty impressive all way down to 120fps at 1k. The camera also shoots raw footage, which people have been clamoring for. The Scarlet-X is available Nov. 17th. $9,750 for a basic model. RED is known for their accessories, which I imagine will be fairly necessary as things move forward. Either way an impressive camera to say the least.

To learn more about either camera’s check out Canon and RED’s press releases.

by Patrick
November, Nov 8th, 2011

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