Canon Applies For 4k Patent

Canon Applies For 4k Patent

Today the US Patent and Trademark Office published that on July 21st, 2010 Canon applied for a patent on a new RAW Codec. Detailed in the patent is a new method of compression that would work with larger resolutions (4k is the example they use) that would allow the user to downsample to 1080p without losing as much quality as currently possible.

Check out the abstract:

The recording of successive frames of raw sensor data depicting a moving scene is provided. The raw sensor data comprises pixel data for an image sensor having pixels arranged in correspondence to a mosaic of plural different colors in a color filter array. A first sampling mosaic pattern for sampling the pixel data at a first resolution is designated. A second sampling mosaic pattern for sampling the pixel data at a second resolution which is lower than the first resolution is designated. One of the first or the second sampling mosaic patterns is selected for a frame by applying a predetermined rule. Pixel data of the frame is sampled using the selected sampling mosaic pattern. The sampled pixel data for the frame is recorded onto a recording medium.

Now I’m no patent expert, much of what’s included inside is beyond my understanding. Regardless of that, it’s exciting to see Canon thinking about possibly introducing a new format. Cameras are going to have higher and higher capabilities that current codecs aren’t really going to be able to deal with.

If you want to learn more check out the entire patent here.

Thanks to Planet5d for the heads up.

by Patrick
January, Jan 27th, 2012

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