Canon EOS C300 Test Shoot

Jonathan Yi got an opportunity to shoot using the new Canon EOS C300 large sensor camcorder. The results of his test are pretty impressive.

The one thing that shocks me the most is seeing how this new Canon sensor handles bounce. Normally, we’re used to seeing jello-y shots whenever someone shoots hand held with a DSLR. The C300 handles bounce just fine, in fact they placed the camera on top of a car on a cobblestone road and the footage looks great. There have been multiple occasions where we’ve been unable to use a DSLR due to the simple fact that we need to run and gun. This seems to solve that common problem. Documentary film making looks to be much much easier using this camera.

Also, losing Morie is also a huge plus. I’ve seen plugins that can help minimize moire but they’ve managed to completely eliminate it.

The RED Scarlet may have stole much of the C300’s thunder, but this video really opens my eyes to looking again at the new Canon Camcorder. People have claimed it’s much too expensive (and they may be right) but this video seems to show that Canon is dedicated to solving many of the problems that DSLR shooters have been complaining about since the outset.

For a more in depth look at the Canon EOS C300, check out Jonathan Yi’s post.

by Patrick
November, Nov 29th, 2011

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