DIY Camera Mount For Bikes

Camera Mount for your bike from Bobby Pierce on Vimeo.

Vimeo Video School posted a cool tutorial by Bobby Pierce, the DIY Bike Mount. Using a couple of screws, washers and a reflector mount, he made a simple mount for a flip style camera. Undoing the reflector and adding a screw with a rubber washer to stabilize the camera is all it really takes. It’s an extremely cheap and easy process.

In the past we’ve used a GoPro mounted to a bike and had great results. Although this seems pretty versatile and doesn’t require that specific of a camera. It’s pretty cool to see how many options you have when using this mount as well.

For more info check out Vimeo Video School’s post. Also see take a look at the different examples of what people have shot using the mount. They’ve come up with some pretty interesting ideas.

by Patrick
June, Jun 1st, 2011

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