Do We Need Raw Video?

FreshDV posted an editorial on if upcoming DSLR camera’s really need “Raw Video.” They make some great points of what could be down falls of having the ability to take raw video.

I’m not so sure I want “raw” video in my DSLR. H.264 can be annoying, sure, but it’s incredibly efficient from a space standpoint. I can offload the cards very quickly. I can record to inexpensive media that can be purchased just about anywhere. Despite it’s limited color information, the image quality is surprisingly good, I like to call it Good Enough when shot carefully. If Canon solved the line-skipping moire issues on DSLRs, I’d be almost completely content with my DSLR for video purposes.

I have to say, thinking of space alone the amount of hard drives needed to back up footage would be fairly insane. H.264 may be a bit of pain, but I’m not sure raw video is the solution. Although, I imagine with hacks and demand it may be only a matter of time before in some form or another raw video becomes a reality.

by Patrick
January, Jan 3rd, 2011

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