DSLR mounted on a RC Helicopter

Teradek Cube Streaming HD Video from a RC Helicopter from Teradek on Vimeo.

Teradek and F-Stop Aerial Media worked together to create an RC controlled helicopter with a camera mount that uses Teradek’s Cube for live streaming (both locally and through the web.) It’s pretty incredible that the RC signals and the Wifi streaming don’t interfere with each other.

This video is blowing my mind. Shooting like this could really come in handy for live events like sports, although I’m certain it has to take a fair amount piloting skill to get a good shot.

Check out both Teradek’s Cube and the F-Stop Aerial Media’s aerial photography. Also check out F-Stops’s front page video. After watching it I’m kind of obsessed with mounting a camera to a RC Helicopter.

Take a look at DSLR News Shooter for more details.

by Patrick
January, Jan 20th, 2011

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