Erasure Music Video Shot with 5DmkII

Cinema5d posted a great story about Timur Civan using the Canon EOS 5D mkII for a new music video for synthpop extraordinaries Erasure. He used some very cool techniques with black lights. It’s great to see how well the 5D mkII does with the low light. Civan posted on his blog about the settings he used:

I set up the 5D at ISO 160, and used a 85mm F1.8 @f2.8. The low ISO and high power Kino UV lights, gave us plenty of exposure to work with. Its difficult to say reallly whats exposed, but the rule of , “does it look good?” really came into play here.

Take a look at Cinema5d’s full article and Timur Civan’s blog post for more information.

by Patrick
December, Dec 15th, 2010

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