Filter Rids Moire and Anti Aliasing For The 5D Mark II

Optical Moire filter test from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Moire and Anti Aliasing are a few of the issues that truly haunt DSLR video shooters. I’ve seen some plugins that have been created to fix inherent moire, but I’ve yet to see one that completely fix the problem. Philip Bloom posted info on a new filter by Mosaic Engineering that’s built to clean the Morie and Anti Aliasing off your 5DmkII footage. The VAF-5D2 fits right between your sensor and lens. Bloom claims it works best with a 50mm lens. The smaller you go, the more you run into some softer edges. The video above was shot at 24mm.

The VAF-5D2 is currently priced at $385. Mosiac is working on a version for the 7D as well.

For more info and examples, check out Philip Bloom’s site.

by Patrick
August, Aug 22nd, 2011

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