Introducing Carousel for FCP X, our first co-production with Red Giant

Big news today: We’re releasing Red Giant Carousel, a new vintage camera effects package for Final Cut Pro X. Here it is:

You can download a free trial version of Carousel here.

Carousel is our first collaboration with the awesome team at Red Giant – the guys who make Magic Bullet Looks, Mojo, and many other extremely useful tools for Final Cut. We’re super excited to be working with them, and we think you will be very interested in what we have coming for FCP X.

We had of course watched many tutorials by Red Giant’s Aharon Rabinowitz over the years, so the experience of skyping with the actual Aharon Rabinowitz was a bit surreal. Maybe like watching one of his tutorials while you are very tired or have food poisoning, because you can talk to the screen and Aharon Rabinowitz will talk back. Eventually it became normal (sort of), and we were able to work with Aharon and Harry Frank, who developed the cross-processing and film fading, and sent us a series of unexpected and increasingly disturbing .gifs that did not relate to the project directly.

We hope you enjoy Carousel. Here’s the official press release.

by Patrick
July, Jul 18th, 2012

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