Introducing Grain35

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a Kickstarter for our latest project Grain35.

Grain35 is a set of 35mm and 16mm film grain scans that you can use inside FCP 6, 7, and X, Adobe Premier and Avid Media Composer. There are a bunch of fantastic film grain sets online but many of them are outside the budget of many film makers. We want to create a comprehensive set of film grain scans in both 1080p and 4k. They’ll work with many frame rates. We’re offering 6 different Kodak and Fuji film stocks in both ProRes and h.264.

We’ve run a bunch of tests and we are more than able to do this, but we do need help with the upfront costs. By supporting our Kickstarter project you’re helping us pay for much of the upfront fees to make this available. If we reach our goal we should be able to get everything to you very quickly.

We have even more info over at our Kickstarter, so take a look. If you’re interested in Grain35 let people know! We’d love to be able to offer an affordable film grain set!

by Patrick
March, Mar 21st, 2012

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