Introducing Lumineux

We have released our newest product CrumplePop Lumineux.

Lumineux features easy to use light leaks for Final Cut Pro 6, 7 and the upcoming Final Cut Pro X. CrumplePop Lumineux works quickly and easily to add light leaks to any FCP project by simply dragging and dropping right inside of Final Cut Pro. You simply choose a clip, drag it to your time line, click overlay, render and you’re done – you’ve created your very own Holga-style light leak.

You can choose from among 7GB of 57 different light leaks and transitions or mix and match to create your own. Each light leak is extremely high-quality, offered in both ProResLT and h.264. They are completely customizable also, allowing you change the colors and add additional effects.

Check out screen shots of two different effects:
Screen Shot 1
Screen Shot 2
CrumplePop Lumineux can be purchased from here for $69 (USD).

by Patrick
April, Apr 26th, 2011

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