Introducing ToneGrade

We just released our latest product: ToneGrade™ for FCP X.

ToneGrade™ makes it easy to apply HDR tone mapping to your footage. Inside Final Cut Pro X simply drag and drop ToneGrade™ on to your footage to create a subtle, “hyper-real” color grade that can be visually striking. ToneGrade™ can easily recover detail and includes tools for fast color correction. To see learn more about ToneGrade™ and see it in use check our tutorials it’s product page.

ToneGrade™ is available this week for $39 (save more than $30!) After the week goes by, ToneGrade™ returns to it’s $75 price. To take advantage of the deal enter this code: TOGR-0039-INTR-1212

by Patrick
December, Dec 13th, 2011

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