iPad as a Secondary Monitor for FCP X

Working with the iPad and Final Cut Pro X from Daniel Freytag on Vimeo.

I know a lot of people have been frustrated with how secondary monitors work with Final Cut Pro X. Yet there seems to be one pretty cool display feature that Daniel Freytag found. After finding his 13″ MacBook Pro not ideal for displays, Freytag looked for another option for a display. He eventually found a way to use his iPad as a monitor for FCP X. He only had to take a few steps:

1. Buy the App AirDisplay [Link] in the AppStore (7,99€ here in Europe)
2. Download the support app for your Mac [Link], Install it and reboot
3. Launch Final Cut Pro X and select Window –> Show Events on Second Display

Freytag said it didn’t work perfectly. The feature was a bit buggy. He suggests using Ad-Hoc wifi, instead of going through the router. Still this is a pretty interesting way to your display clips.

For more info check out Freytag’s blog.

Thanks to Planet5D for the heads up.

by Patrick
June, Jun 30th, 2011

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