Sony F3 Firmware Update

Sony F3 Firmware Update

Sony just released firmware 1.1 for the Sony F3. This update adds a bunch of features that had been talked about in the past.

1. You can browse the menu with the S&Q Dial in addition to original menu wheel.

2. The F3 now has simultaneous HDMI and SDI outputs. This will allow you to use 3rd party view finders and works in all formats.
3. They’ve included a new metadata filing system.

4. Live dual link outputs in 444 and 442. This allows you to use both SDI outputs when working in Dual link. This gives you two more clean channels to use with external recorders.

5. They’ve also improved the ND filter system. You can adjust the colors in each of the filters.

6. Ability to use the upcoming S-Log update (when they become available) is also included in the update.

You can download the update here.

by Patrick
June, Jun 6th, 2011

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