Sony’s AF100 Competitor: The NEX-FS100

Earlier this year, Sony released the PMW-F3. A camcorder style camera with a 35mm sensor much like Panasonic’s AF100. The F3 aimed at the pro market by retailing around $16k. Today they announced their lower cost model the NEX-FS100. For Sony’s suggested $6,000 you the same sensor as the F3, 2 XLR inputs and uncompressed HDMI outputs.

F-Stop Academy got their hands on a NEX-FS100 for 24 hours. They threw together a quick music video. To see the features of the camera and how it’s footage looks check out their video below.

NEX FS 100 Video Blog from Den & James on Vimeo.

I’m kind of blown away by the viewfinder/screen being on top of the camera. It looks fantastic. The video they put together looks great.

I’m glad the DSLR style camcorder seems to be taking off, even though it is slightly more expensive.

For more info check out Sony’s release info, No Film School’s coverage and F-Stop Academy’s full blog post.

by Patrick
March, Mar 23rd, 2011

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