The Atomos Ninja: Problem Solving Device for DSLRs

The Atomos Ninja, is a pretty insane device. Using the HDMI output on your DSLR, the Ninja can capture your uncompressed footage and convert it to Apple Pro Res. Not only that, but the Ninja also captures this footage to your own hard drives that you simply slide in and out using their included caddies. It solves some powering issues as well, by featuring an active and passive battery. Once the active is dead, it automatically switches to the passive.

This device almost seems too good to be true. It offers so my solutions to a lot of problems involved in shooting with DSLRs. The fact that you can use your own hard drives (SD, SDHC, CF) could save you a fair amount of money. Not only that, but the amount of time you’ll save by having the video go straight to Pro Res is pretty miraculous.

The $995 Atomos Ninja is up for pre-order now over at the Atomos website.

Thanks to FCProducer for the heads up.

by Patrick
February, Feb 22nd, 2011

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