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Customer Reviews

  1. Larry Pannell, Travel Guide and Photography

    When I shot videos for my travel channel on YouTube I have to fight the elements, especially wind. I have found WindRemover AI 2 an excellent tool to lessen or remove even significant wind noise. I have tried other methods but nothing compared to the ease of use and more importantly the results. I bought the entire suite of apps and use the AudioDenoise and WindRemover AI 2 on almost every project. I also use EchoRemover and Levematic when needed and I am very happy with the results as well.

  2. Ryan Repash, Roslyn Films

    I’ve been searching for a great audio cleanup tool and have tried several. AudioDenoise 2 is my favorite by far. Simple, effective, and a huge time-saver—I love how easy it is to use. I’m a wedding filmmaker and audio is a big deal. I often get speech recordings with unfortunate hiss and noise… AudioDenoise 2 is a super-efficient way to clean it up and helps immensely with creative flow.

  3. Nick Waldron

    We had a great experience with AudioDenoise AI. We were given footage shot by a third party and the audio quality was extremely poor. We used AudioDenoise AI and instantly the background audio was cleaned up and it didn’t interfere with the main spoken voice. It could be done in seconds, or you could take your time to dial it in further with the controls. We couldn’t be happier and it saved the entire project! A+ Crumplepop!

  4. Gavin Rawlings, Venture Films

    Using CrumplePop’s Echo Remover has saved me more than once before! Sometimes we haven’t had a choice where a subject is being interviewed. Acoustics might not be ideal, there may be a slight echo in the room. Having a plugin like Echo Remover 2 can be a lifesaver! I like simple and that’s exactly what Echo Remover is. Drag and drop, adjust the strength, done. 5 out of 5 from me!

Audio Restoration Plugins & Software

Producing videos and podcasts is often a race against time. To build an audience, content creators need to make great content – and lots of it – but timelines are tight. For the last 13 years, CrumplePop has made tools that help editors save time and budget, so they can focus on telling their story.

Throughout our years in video production, we often ran into tricky, time-consuming audio problems with no obvious tools that could help. Whether it was a room that had too much echo, a distracting computer fan in the background or a gust of wind destroying an excellent take – the audio restoration plugins available were expensive, difficult to use, and often underperformed.

So we turned our focus to creating audio restoration software.

We started to imagine what audio restoration plugins might be most beneficial for video people. We’d discuss the audio issues we had encountered before. “I’d love a plugin that removes noise from video,” “What if we found a way to remove echo from audio?” and “maybe, one day, we’ll be able to remove wind noise” is often how these conversations would start. It was sort of in the spirit of “You know what would be cool? A flying car.” It seemed exciting but more or less science fiction.

We started by creating AudioDenoise, an audio plugin that can quickly and easily remove background noise from an air conditioner or fan. Then we moved on to what seemed like an impossible dream: Removing echo and reverb. From there, it felt like we could expand this basic idea to more common types of problem noise. That’s when we started to look into what AI could offer video and audio editors. Our first AI plugin, WindRemover AI, removed wind noise from audio – something we initially thought might be impossible. We’ve continued to find new and – might we even say – exciting ways to help solve everyday audio and video production problems, like finding ways to remove pops and plosives and automatically level your audio.

Over the years, our focus has been to keep our tools simple and easy to use. You don’t need to be an audio professional to use our audio restoration plugins. Just turn the plugin on, and you’re ready to go. Maybe because of this, CrumplePop has a loyal and enthusiastic base of users who appreciate the almost magical quality of our audio restoration software. We hope you will try out the free trial versions of our plugins and join them.

“All CrumplePop’s products really add a “wow factor” to any footage they are used with! They really are fantastic!”

“…really goes along with the mantra of FCPX…we’ll take care of the technical stuff, you just be creative.”

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