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  • EchoRemover AI

    Plugin for removing echo from your videos and podcasts

    $99 Buy
  • AudioDenoise AI app icon

    AudioDenoise AI

    Automatically remove hiss, background noise, and hum from your audio

    $129 Buy
  • Audio Suite

    Audio restoration plugins for video and podcast creators

    $399 Buy
  • WindRemover AI™

    Plugin for removing wind noise from your videos and podcasts

    $129 Buy
  • Levelmatic™

    Plugin for automatically leveling audio in videos and podcasts

    $99 Buy

Customer Reviews

  1. Ryan Repash, Roslyn Films

    I’ve been searching for a great audio cleanup tool and have tried several. AudioDenoise 2 is my favorite by far. Simple, effective, and a huge time-saver—I love how easy it is to use. I’m a wedding filmmaker and audio is a big deal. I often get speech recordings with unfortunate hiss and noise… AudioDenoise 2 is a super-efficient way to clean it up and helps immensely with creative flow.

  2. Nick Waldron

    We had a great experience with AudioDenoise AI. We were given footage shot by a third party and the audio quality was extremely poor. We used AudioDenoise AI and instantly the background audio was cleaned up and it didn’t interfere with the main spoken voice. It could be done in seconds, or you could take your time to dial it in further with the controls. We couldn’t be happier and it saved the entire project! A+ Crumplepop!

  3. Gavin Rawlings, Venture Films

    Using CrumplePop’s Echo Remover has saved me more than once before! Sometimes we haven’t had a choice where a subject is being interviewed. Acoustics might not be ideal, there may be a slight echo in the room. Having a plugin like Echo Remover 2 can be a lifesaver! I like simple and that’s exactly what Echo Remover is. Drag and drop, adjust the strength, done. 5 out of 5 from me!

  4. Paul Canetti, Professor - Columbia University

    I am also cheap and hate buying 3rd party plugins when Logic comes with so many great ones built-in, but CrumplePop EchoRemover 2 is honestly bonkers I’m obsessed with it.

“All CrumplePop’s products really add a “wow factor” to any footage they are used with! They really are fantastic!”

“…really goes along with the mantra of FCPX…we’ll take care of the technical stuff, you just be creative.”

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