Apple Releases FCP X 10.0.3

Apple Releases FCP X 10.0.3

Early this morning, Apple released it’s latest update to Final Cut Pro X. 10.0.3 adds in many of the features people have been clamoring for including multicam editing, broadcast monitoring (currently in beta,) layered Photoshop importing, XML 1.1 (for exporting color grades and audio keying,) media relinking, new chroma and color board controls and a multitude of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The stand out among these new features is FCP X’s new multicam editor. The tool can automatically synch up to 64 cameras with ease regardless of codec and frame rate. You can view each angle within a grid to choose which shots you’ll need. Mutlicam builds on the foundation of what FCP has done in the past and improves on it significantly.

Another major complaint about FCP X was the inability to import projects from FCP 7. To deal with this issue Intelligent Assistance developed FCP 7 transporter 7toX. 7toX works with your FCP 7 sequences and imports them along with their metadata into FCP X. On top of that, the app is a steal at $10. You can find 7toX in the App Store.

Obviously Apple is listening to those who we’re let down with FCP X. They’re adding significant features and improvements on a very regular basis. We’re really impressed with this latest update. FCP X is an incredibly powerful NLE. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, you’re missing out.

To learn more check out Apple’s update page. Take a look at their multicam demo, it’s mind blowing. Alongside that, check out Larry Jordan’s in depth look at the update.

by Patrick
January, Jan 31st, 2012

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