How do I get the FxFactory version of Koji Advance? I have purchased it through you in the past.

This new version of Koji Advance is available exclusively through FxFactory. As a Koji Advance customer you can get Koji Advance v1.1 from FxFactory as a free upgrade.

To get your free upgrade to Koji Advance v1.1 simply email FxFactory support at and include your order reference number from purchasing Koji Advance. You received this number when you were originally emailed your Koji Advance installer and license file. The title of the email was “Your Koji Advance Delivery Information”

Note* the new version of Koji Advance will install alongside, not replace your old version of Koji Advance so it will not disrupt any of your current or old projects. However we recommend using Koji Advance v1.1 in all future projects.

by Patrick
December, Dec 29th, 2017

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