CrumplePop Crafty

CrumplePop Crafty

We just launched our latest product: CrumplePop Crafty.

Featuring 56 shapes, 54 textures and 3 royalty free fonts. Crafty is a versatile tool in creating your very own DIY style titles and more. You can use your own photos and videos with the shapes and styles of Crafty. We’ve uploaded a series of tutorials on how to use Crafty and some of its special features. Take a look at our tutorial section to see those and more.

For this week only, Get Crafty for $49 ($20 off.) After March 2nd, Crafty returns to it’s normal price of $69.

When ordering use this coupon code:

With the release of Crafty we’ve decided to retire our first product ever, HandDrawn. It had a great run, but Crafty offers more options, features and increased usability.

Check out our video below, to see the effects in use.

CrumplepPop Crafty from CrumplePop on Vimeo.


by Patrick
February, Feb 23rd, 2011

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