DIY Lighting Solution

Modifiying a construction work light for video purposes. from LoweRuno Productions on Vimeo.

Thinking about lighting a shoot, but not interesting in renting or buying expensive lights? Lowe Runo came up with a nice and cheap solution by modifying everyday work lights into your very own lighting rig. Obviously, readily available and low cost lights are advantageous, but Runo found one major con:

besides the heat are they draw alot of amps so do not plug them all in one electrical outlet but use outlets on opposite walls to draw from different breaker circuits. This avoids tripping breakers needlessly.

If you’re feeling a money pinch but still need a way to light your shoot, this could be the perfect fix. Luckily, its only a hardware store away.

by Patrick
February, Feb 8th, 2011

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