Hacked GH2 12,800 ISO

Darkness Seeker from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

The GH2 is an incredible DSLR. Even in it’s most simple form, it’s quite impressive. Yet one of it’s greatest features comes from a series of hacks created by Vitaliy Kiselev. In one of the latest releases (3.63,) the firmware removes a cap on ISO settings. The people over at EOSHD decided to take the GH2 out at night and test out one of the new ISOs, 12,800.

Normally, one would think shooting at 12,800 ISO your footage would be completely worthless. The amount of noise would make an image difficult to see but with this new hack 12,800 looks great. Sure, there is definitely noise but at the same time it offers an interesting level of grain without being overwhelming.

I can’t believe what people are pulling off wit these hacks. It’s really unbelievable. I’m excited to see where these lead to. To check out Kiselev’s hacks, check out his site here. Although, we have to say – use at your own risk. Messing around with firmware can lead to a bricked camera.

by Patrick
November, Nov 9th, 2011

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