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EchoRemover AI
Plugin for removing echo from your videos and podcasts


Keep Echo From Wrecking Your Video or Podcast

Reverb is distracting and creates distance between the speaker and the audience. If your audio was recorded in a space with room echo, it can make your entire video or podcast sound unprofessional. EchoRemover AI by CrumplePop automatically removes room echo from your audio, leaving the voice sounding clear and natural.

Rescue Audio Recorded at Home

Was your audio recorded in a home office that sounds hollow? Unfortunately, even a nice microphone can’t fix this problem.
EchoRemover AI can quickly and easily rescue this audio. Just drag and drop EchoRemover AI onto your audio and the room echo is removed.

What’s new in EchoRemover AI

EchoRemover AI has been rebuilt from the ground up. The echo removal software from CrumplePop now uses AI to identify and remove room echo. This approach allows EchoRemover AI to remove more reverb while keeping the voice sounding clear and natural. We invite you to try it out to hear it for yourself. There’s nothing else like it.

EchoRemover AI

EchoRemover AI by CrumplePop is an echo removal plugin that uses AI to remove echo from your audio – right inside FCP, Premiere Pro, Logic Pro, Garageband, Adobe Audition, and DaVinci Resolve.

  • Automatically remove audio echo and reverb
  • Rescue interviews, dialogue, and vocals that would be unusable
  • Easy – just drag and drop
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