Vimeo Teaches With Vimeo Video School

Vimeo Teaches With Vimeo Video School

Vimeo launched it’s very own online school today with Vimeo Video School. Now you can watch Vimeo produced videos that teach everything from setting up your DLSR to slow-mo on a budget. There is some great content on the site. The videos are really well done, some of them even feature Philip Bloom.

They are also accepting submissions for user made tutorials and creating a section of the site to feature them.

This is a great use of their service. Many of the videos already on Vimeo are tutorials and how to’s, so to feature them seems like a no brainer. It will be nice to have all (or even a bunch) of the tutorials in one place. This service really has some promise, I’m really excited to see how it grows.

by Patrick
December, Dec 16th, 2010

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