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Marco Sebastiano Alessi

Oct 31st, 2023

6 Best AI Audio Cleanup Software in 2023

AI Audio Cleanup

If you work with audio, music production, podcasts, YouTube, TikTok, or any other type of content, you must ensure your audio quality is at its top. I know recording your audio file is already time-consuming, but you can’t escape unwanted background noise in your audio. Most of the time, you will have it in your voice recordings unless you record from a soundproofed recording studio built with acoustic treatment.

Today, AI technology has evolved thanks to machine learning, and many developers have created AI audio cleanup tools to make your restoration audio processing faster. In this article, you’ll find the best AI cleanup audio software available in 2023.

Let’s dive in!

What is an AI Audio Cleanup Process?

AI audio cleanup is an audio processing technique that uses artificial intelligence to identify sounds and noises from an audio file to remove background noises or background music, enhancing the overall quality of your audio recordings to extract clear voice from your audio and video files.

The AI goes through a development process where it’s exposed to multiple audio files with noise to “learn” and tell apart background noise from speech. The AI then applies what they learned from their training to your audio files.

There are different AI cleanup tools in the market today. Some can work as standalone applications or web browser-based online tools that automatically remove background noise, while others can be used as plug-ins for your favorite audio editing software or digital audio workstation (DAW).

AI audio tools include noise reduction, advanced algorithms to analyze audio files, and customization of how much noise reduction to apply. Some AI noise reduction tools allow for real-time processing for live recordings and business video calls. 

How to Choose the Best AI Audio Cleanup Software in 2023

  • Why Do You Need AI Cleanup Software?

    Most AI audio cleanup tools will offer noise reduction background noises. But others also provide more services, such as recording, transcription, and real-time call noise reduction. Think about the main reason you need an AI audio cleanup tool and avoid expensive tools that you don’t need.

  • Keep an Eye On Your Budget

    Look for tools that offer a trial or free version of their AI technology. In this way, you can try its premium features and see the results for yourself before making the investment.

  • Ease of Use

    Sometimes, the best AI technology for you is the one with fewer professional effects but that offers simplicity of use: an online tool that will reduce background noise with one click on your entire file with a simple upload.

6 Best AI Audio Cleanup Software 2023

Here’s my list of the best AI tools to remove background noise in 2023.

  1. CrumplePop

    CrumplePop is a suite of AI audio cleanup and restoration plug-ins which uses advanced AI technology to remove audio problems such as background noise, traffic, wind, pop noises, rustles from lapel mics, and echo. This suite will dramatically enhance your audio and reduce clipping distortion in your files.

    Main Features:

    Find all AI audio restoration tools in one place compatible with the most popular DAWs and video editing programs like Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Ableton, DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, and more.

    CrumplePop noise reduction AI tools include audio denoiser, wind, pop, rustle, traffic, echo, and clip remover, and a plug-in to automatically adjust your audio levels to enhance the volume after the noise reducer.

    CrumplePop AI tools do not save data online because all audio processing can be done offline within your DAW or in the standalone desktop app for Windows and Mac.

    CrumplePop offers various subscription options for all budgets and needs. The free plan includes the app SoundApp Basic with PopRemover, RustleRemover, and a trial version of the other plug-ins. The Pro plan consists of all apps for $29 monthly; the perpetual license is $599.


    • Easy to use interface.

    • Work on any DAW.

    • Multiple plug-ins to address specific issues.


    • Requires software installation.

  2. Krisp.ai

    Krisp is the AI audio cleanup you need for real-time audio processing. Its AI-powered technology improves your online calls to remove background noise in real-time. The app processes your audio at the time of recording, so you don’t need to spend much time editing it later.

    Main Features

    Krisp’s background and noise cancellation removes background noise captured by your microphone, such as barking dogs, crying babies, keyboard clicks, fan sounds, and voices from other people around you, keeping your voice clear during the call. Krisp also offers an accent localization that uses AI-powered technology to change the agent’s accents to one the customers can understand.

    Krisp is installed on your computer and can be used with most call apps like Zoom, Discord, or Skype. The desktop app does not save and store any recorded audio away from your device. Your calls and business meetings are private.

    Krisp’s paid plan is $12 monthly and offers unlimited noise, background voice, and echo cancellation. There’s a free version limited to 60 minutes of noise reduction daily, which is excellent if you do short podcasts monthly.


    • Free version with no credit card needed.

    • Real-time noise reduction.


    • There is no Linux version.

    • Users report bugs and technical issues.

  3. Cleanvoice

    Cleanvoice is a web-based AI audio cleanup tool for removing filler sounds, stuttering, mouth sounds, and background noises. It allows you to upload a single-track or multi-track audio file and edit it online, making it an excellent choice for podcasters.

    Main Features

    Cleanvoice detects filler words in different languages, including German and French, to keep your speech clear and professional in podcasts, interviews, and videos. The AI analyzes the audio and removes background noise naturally. It removes mouth sounds like clicks, pops, lip-smacking, and dead air to keep silence shorter.

    The tool sends your audio without background noise to your email, so you can remove noise anywhere and download your audio file when you get home or to the office. Or you can export the timestamps and markers to edit your audio manually in your DAW.

    Cleanvoice uses a subscription and a pay-as-you-go model. The subscription plan starts at 10€ monthly for 10 hours, €25 monthly for 30 hours, and €80 for 100 hours of processed audio per month. Or you can pay as you go, starting at €10 for 5 hours, €18 for 10 hours, and €40 for 30 hours.


    • Easy to use.

    • Timestamp and markers export to edit manually on your DAW.

    • Free 30-min trial.

    • You can import audio files from host services like Dropbox.


    • Removing slurred filler words might result in words chopped by the AI.

    • Users report inaccurate edit issues.

  4. Podcastle

    Podcastle is another web-based AI audio tool that can remove background noise and improve your audio quality with one click. Podcastle offers an online studio to record or upload your audio files and edit them, then use the AI-powered tool Magic Dust to enhance your sound quality.

    Main Features

    Podcastle is incredibly easy to use. Just record from Podcastle or upload your recorded audio file and edit your audio like in any DAW. You have all the essential editing tools to remove unnecessary audio parts, such as cut, split, and mute. Although Podcastle is web-based, the recording is done on your computer to ensure the best audio quality.

    The Magic Dust AI tool helps you remove background noise, unwanted sounds, and awkward pauses from your recording. You’ll get a new crisp and clean audio file ready to download in seconds.

    Another great feature is the sound effects and music library that Podcastle offers to its users. You can add sounds or background music for your podcasts.

    Podcastle AI cleanup tool is only available for the paid plans starting at $14.99 monthly.


    • Easy to use.

    • Web-based with local recording, editing, and saving options.

    • Remove background noise with one click.


    • Web errors can occur.

    • No AI free trial.


    LALAL.AI is a simple tool that provides background music and noise reduction. The AI algorithms analyze and remove unwanted sounds to help podcasters and journalists clean audio interviews by removing background music from streams to avoid copyright issues and help musicians needing more pristine vocal recordings.

    Main Features

    Select files to reduce noise or isolate vocals, background music, or instrumentals, split the audio files into stems, and get individual tracks for download.

    LALAL.AI has a drag-and-drop interface with batch upload available. Drop up to 20 audio files and process them with the voice cleaner. The program supports audio and video files in MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, and more.

    LALAL.AI offers different one-time fee packs starting at $15 for 90 minutes, $25 for 300 minutes, and $35 for 500 minutes. A starter pack is available to try the service and listen to the result, but you will be limited to audio samples of 10 minutes with no download available. You will need to upgrade to download the audio file without background noise.


    • Easy to use

    • Stems download.

    • Batch upload.


    • Limited trial.

    • No subscription plan. If you run out of minutes, you must buy more time.

Final Words

AI technology has dramatically improved over the last few years. I won’t be surprised the day that AI audio cleanup tools will offer a service similar to the one provided by an audio engineer, but right now, this technology is still far from replacing a professional engineer’s job. All in all, they’re great tools for helping inexperienced musicians and beginner podcasters, allowing anyone who creates content online to add good audio quality to their productions.

Have you used any of these AI audio cleanup tools? Try them, and forget about manually removing background noise from your audio and video.

Good luck!