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Nov 16th, 2023

Introducing CrumplePop 2024

Today we’re excited to release CrumplePop 2024.  This release brings you the next generation of CrumplePop’s audio AI in five of our powerful and easy-to-use audio restoration plugins.  These plugins get a major leap in quality, all while keeping their well-liked speed and ease of use.

New in CrumplePop 2024 by Boris FX

New! AudioDenoise 2024

New! TrafficRemover 2024

New! ClipRemover 2024

New! RustleRemover 2024

New! WindRemover 2024

A note about AI, audio, and your videos and podcasts:  We use a different approach from some of the other audio restoration tools on the market.  At the moment, some AI audio tools are trying to essentially guess at what the speaker is saying.  Sometimes, this approach can work well – for instance, if the speaker is very predictable and already sounds a bit like a robot.  But an unexpected laugh, breath, or crosstalk will cause the audio to dissolve into haunted blips and blops of partially reconstructed syllables.  We have opted not to take this approach.

Instead, CrumplePop’s AI focuses on removing specific categories of problem noise – for instance, wind noise or traffic noise.  This leaves the voice intact and sounding natural.  Since CrumplePop doesn’t try to reconstruct syllables – which can have unpredictable and and sometimes comical results – you won’t be putting words in the speaker’s mouth.  You’ll simply be removing noice from their real voice.

CrumplePop 2024 brings you a huge quality boost in three areas:

1. Difficult, high-noise environments

2. Vocal tone quality

3. Higher-pitched voices and non-English language speakers

This last one is especially important.  In the development of AI tools, results can be easily skewed by bias that creeps into the development process.  We’ve heard from video and podcast creators that AI restoration often doesn’t work as well with women’s voices, and with non-English speakers.  So we paid a lot of extra attention to this, and made a lot of changes to how we look at audio.  As a result, CrumplePop 2024 gives you very big improvements with higher-pitched voices and non-English speakers.

You can download a trial of CrumplePop 2024 here:

Try CrumplePop Free

Or if you already have CrumplePop Complete, upgrading is extremely simple. Open the CrumplePop app, click update, and after installing your old projects will automatically sound better.

Feel free to give it a try on your projects and see what you think.  We think you’ll be impressed.